Housing For All



To establish a national programme for the provision of planned and serviced low-cost residential land at a scale that firstly reduces and then eventually prevents the informal growth of urban settlements in Namibia.


Key Intervention Areas

  1. Planning & servicing of residential land: We plan, survey and service low-cost residential land with ownership legally recognised by title deeds, through partnership agreements with local authorities across Namibia. Residential plots sold through this programme cost between NAD 10,000 and NAD 35,000 (EUR 600 to EUR 2,100 @ EUR 1: NAD 16,67) and are settled by clients within a period of 12 to 24 months.
  2. Home loans: We implement a loan scheme in partnership with First National Bank (FNB) for clients who purchase land through our programme. Loans are limited to NAD 50,000 (EUR 3,000 @ EUR 1: NAD 16,67) and repayment periods vary between 1 and 5 years.
  3. Home building support: We provide building plans and implement building workshops for our clients, with the aim to assist them with the construction of their homes. Both plans and workshops help clients to save costs and provide the option to build a house incrementally over time.


The programme currently has partnership agreements with nine towns and has 16 residential areas under development with more than 4,000 plots. Activities in several other towns will initiate during 2022.

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