About Us

Development Workshop Namibia (DWN) is a registered Namibian NGO with a focus on sustainable urban development, informal settlements and the disadvantaged communities that reside in them. DWN is part of a world-wide network of Development Workshop (DW) organisations with centres in Canada, Angola and France, and offices in Vietnam and Burkino Faso. It is funded by non-governmental organisations, private citizens, and national and international development organisations.

DW was founded in 1975 by three architectural students in the UK with the objective to improve the livelihoods of poor and disadvantaged communities, with a specific focus on human settlements. Over the last 45 years, DW has implemented many award winning and successful programs in over 30 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

DW Namibia was established in 2016. Registered at the Master of the High Court as a not-for-profit charity trust, DWN is a financially and operationally independent institution. It is led by a board of trustees that currently includes: Chris Brown (chairperson), Lavinia Shikongo, Allan Cain, Ted Rudd, Cheryl Emvula, John Mendelsohn, Emely Tjombumbi, and Herman Strydom. DWN’s accounts are audited annually and can be provided upon request.


Meet the team

Beat Weber.
Vanessa Uckar.
Adam Ndahalele.
Hilma Weber.
Beat Weber.
Erastus Kashupuulwa.
Ester Veiko.
Gotlieb Namupala.
Hanni Rukuro.
Julia Thomas.
Ngonyothi Kafula.
Peter Shikalepo.
Sakaria Namhindo.
Sam Mengela.
Sheya Gotlieb.
Rebeka Jason.
Otja Semba.
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