UPDATE: JUL-SEP 2021 Programme for the Provision of Low-Cost Land for Housing


The programme for the Provision of Low-Cost Land for Housing aims to provide land to residents who want to build their own homes. People often prefer to build houses themselves, with assistance from brick layers and other labour, as it gives them control over the building process and budgets. Doing it the right way, a 2 bedroom house can cost as little as N$ 50,000, and a smaller house even less.

A majority of clients of this programme build their homes this way. In order to support this process, DWN initiated the preparation of building plans for houses that cost less than N$ 50,000 to build. These are houses that take into account the length and width of building materials such as lip channels and corrugated iron, in order to avoid cuts and wastage.

Two building workshops were held in Okahao with a total of 40 clients of the programme. Part of the one-day workshops was information about the basics of building a house, how to avoid mistakes and how to supervise the different phases of construction.

A group of people attend a workshop.
Building workshop in Okahao.


The Oshakati project area is now being electrified with budgetary contributions from the Town Council. A contractor has been appointed and has commenced with construction of the grid under the supervision of Oshakati Premier Electric. This construction is expected to be completed by 30 November 2021. Residents in this residential area paid NAD 10,000 per plot with water connections, title and access roads. For sanitation, residents commit to build septic tanks according to town council standards.

The residents of this extension will also be the first ones of all project sites to receive their title deeds. Project partner ESI attorneys is currently busy with the registration process at the deeds office.


From 15-25 July, all roads within the Opuwo layout (474 plots) were bladed, as the first clients have paid off their plots and were allocated their plots in August.

Satellite image with an overlay showing the new construction.
Opuwo layout.


A total of 880 clients have to date contributed NAD 6.1 million. All payments are made into joint bank accounts with signatories from both the local council and DWN. The money in these accounts is used to pay for professional fees of service providers (e.g. town planner, land surveyor), and the construction of infrastructure such as water reticulation and road blading.


Otjiwarongo Municipality has signed an MoU with DWN for the servicing of two extensions for low income residents of that town. Swakopmund Municipality has also resolved to enter into an MoU with DWN for the servicing of land, with details to be discussed over the coming weeks.


In Opuwo, the first 7 clients have fully paid off and were allocated their plots. In Oniipa, the Town Council approved the client list and authorised DWN to initiate the client registration. In Oshakati, the new layout in phase two (325 plots) is currently being prepared. In Stampriet, a first layout has been drafted and is currently being assessed by project partners. In Okakarara, the topographical survey was completed and the project engineers are working on the preliminary designs and costs of services. In Okahao, a project sponsored brick making unit in the project area has initiated the production of bricks for local residents. The Okahao layout has now also been approved by the Urban and Regional Planning Board.

The DWN project teams had meetings and site visits in several towns, exploring possible collaborations. In both Okongo and Katima Mulilo, potential projects sites were visited with council staff. A presentation to the Bethanie Village council was held in August, as well as a meeting at the office of the Governor of Hardap Region.


See the following website where all currently active extensions are visible: https://development-workshop-data-hub-dwn.hub.arcgis.com/


1Oshakati447Electrification of first 122 plots; registration of title deeds; Layout of phase II being drafted.
2Okahao703Road compaction, two building workshops, sale of bricks.
3Opuwo474Pegging and road blading completed.
4Oniipa113Pegging completed, client registration approved and to initiate early October.
5Karibib306Engineering designs finalised for additional 25 plots; remaining challenges due to hard rock.
6Keetmanshoop349Pegging completed.
7Okakarara707Layouts and aerial survey completed.
8Stampriet437Draft layout finalised.
9Otjiwarongo*400MoU signed.
10Swakopmund*500MoU being prepared.
*these numbers are estimates and will be adjusted once the final layout is approved.