A group of people sorting donations.

UPDATE: JAN-MAR 2021 Programme for Early Childhood Development


This programme is implemented with support from Interteam, UNICEF and MTC, and in close collaboration with the Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Child Welfare (MoGEPECW). Some preparation activities have started in March, with the main programme now getting underway in April. The programme focuses on six key areas:

  1. Teacher Training.
  2. Development of teaching materials and learning activities.
  3. Parents support for responsive parenting and child engagement.
  4. Physical improvement of ECD centres (kindergartens).
  5. Development of an ECD centre based feeding programme.
  6. Child protection.

The programme will be implemented in Windhoek, Otjiwarongo, Katima Mulilo, Opuwo and Oshakati. A total of 240 ECD centres with some 600 teachers and more than 8,000 children are to participate.


In parallel, DWN is in the preparatory phase to initiate a national mapping of ECD centres, to be done in close collaboration with MoGEPECW and with financial support from Interteam. Using innovative GIS mapping processes and a web based GIS portal, the mapping of ECD centres will provide an accurate and updated tool for planning and managing ECD related programmes.

The web-GIS portal with some 345 already mapped ECD centres can be consulted under following link:



From 22 to 25 March, the project was launched in both Oshakati and Opuwo. Meetings were held with relevant local authorities and government stakeholders. With support from the RightStart campaign, materials were distributed to some of the 60 informal settlement ECD centres in Oshakati and 6 ECD centres in Opuwo.

A group of people sorting donations.
ECD team engaging ECD teachers and owners in Opuwo, and distributing learning activities, stationery and other materials provided by the RightStart campaign


Over the coming 4 months, the programme will implement 16 trainings for some 320 ECD teachers. Teaching materials and learning activities are currently being developed according to the curriculum of both MoGEPECW and Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture. They will then be printed and distributed to all centres of the project, together with stationary for the children. Based on first experiences of an ECD feeding programme during 2020, the project will work closely together with UNICEF and the Ministry to develop an ECD centre feeding approach that is implementable and scalable.

A teacher shows a picture to a child and his mother.

EDC Teacher with parent and child in a DWN led pilot project involving 20 ECD centres in Windhoek in 2020. The project included teacher training, feeding and distribution of learning materials.