What We Do

Development Workshop Namibia (DWN) is a charitable trust specialising in sustainable urban development in Namibia. We provide technical expertise, manpower and financial support to local authorities to assist them to address contemporary urban development challenges.

We currently focus on three main areas of intervention:

The provision of low cost land for housing and innovative housing solutions; appropriate low cost urban sanitation; and Early Childhood Development.

1. Provision of low cost land for housing

DWN implements a national programme assisting local authorities to plan, survey and service new residential neighbourhoods to provide affordable and sustainable residential plots for housing. By 2021, DWN had partnership agreements with eight towns, and a total of 4,000 plots under development. The programme aims to achieve a turnover of 12,000 plots/year as a means to transform informal settlements into formal urban growth. Funding from the International Development Bank will allow the programme to expand considerably over the next three years.

View the latest programme updates here.

2. Appropriate low cost sanitation

With support from UNICEF, the European Union, B2Gold and several corporate sector partners, DWN is implementing a low cost urban sanitation programme in ten towns across Namibia, promoting improved sanitation and practical and affordable onsite solutions. The sanitation and land programmes are implemented in partnership with the Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE).

View the latest programme updates here.

3. Early Childhood Development (ECD)

With financial support from UNICEF and MTC, DWN is implementing an Early Childhood Development support programme with some 240 kindergartens located within informal settlements in Windhoek and five other towns. This programme focuses on teacher training, learning material development, nutrition, physical infrastructure improvement, guidance for parent support, and child rights.

View the latest programme updates here.