UPDATE: APR-JUN 2021 Programme for the Provision of Low-Cost Land for Housing

MAny shacks scattered across a sandy valley.

New Partner Towns and Revolving FundsPegging of Layouts in Opuwo and OniipaKeetmanshoop Erf Price ReductionOkahao Road ConstructionOshakati Phase TwoKaribibFNB Load SchemeExchange VisitsWeb-GIS PortalInitiating CollaborationHow Does it Work? NEW PARTNER TOWNS AND REVOLVING FUNDS Both Okakarara Town Council and Stampriet Village Council have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with DWN for the development of new residential extensions for low income earners. Okakarara will receive NAD 250,000 as a donation from Mobile Telecommunication (MTC) to the project revolving fund. PEGGING OF...

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UPDATE: APR-JUN 2021 Programme for Appropriate Low-Cost Urban Sanitation

A volunteer wearing a t-shirt that says - Wash hands, save lives - approaches an informal settlement.

Open Defecation and Solid WasteCommunity Led Total Sanitation (CLTS)Programme ApproachWed-GIS PortalThe Case of Kapuka Kanauyala OPEN DEFECATION AND SOLID WASTE Widespread open defecation and a lack of solid waste collection are huge challenges in Namibia’s informal settlements. In the absence of toilets, people are obliged to use river beds and green spaces. Mixed with solid waste pollution, such green spaces then turn into highly contaminated areas and become health and safety hazard zones especially for children. A riverbed in Havana...

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UPDATE: APR-JUN 2021 Programme for Early Childhood Development

A goup of young children listen intently to their teacher.

Emergency Assistance through Early Childhood Development (ECD)DWN's ECD Emergency ProgrammeFeeding and NutritionTeacher TrainingParent WorkshopsLearning Materials and StationeryResponding to COVID-19GIS Monitoring EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE THROUGH EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT (ECD) In the current crisis, children are likely to suffer the most. Namibia’s economic downturn is being felt especially hard by Namibia’s poor, such as many residents in the informal settlements. Evidence suggests that severe economic stress on poor households is resulting in more mal- and undernutrition and domestic violence. ECD Centres (or Kindergartens)...

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